"Diabetes-by-Design" is a practice: an every day way of living with diabetes to become healthier, and to enrich your life and who you are. After 43 years living successfully with diabetes, I want you to know you can flourish with diabetes.


Emotional Resilience, Knowledge, Action

Flourishing rests on these three powerful aspects of self-care and I wrote each of my three books to help you actualize these. First, flourishing requires emotional resilience to weather the storms of diabetes and find energy and confidence rising to its challenges (The ABCs Of Loving Yourself With Diabetes). It requires having a base of knowledge how diabetes works (50 Diabetes Myths That Can Ruin Your Life and the 50 DiabetesTruths That Can Save It) and the action-steps how to work it for you (Diabetes Do's & How-To's.)  

It also involves holding diabetes in a way in which you are able to remain positive, and see more possibilities for your life and your health. That is what you'll find in the fourth book that I'm writing now. It will help you design a life so that diabetes is an integrated part of it and a catalyst to create greater health, happiness, and purpose. 

The result is a life in which you are flourishing not despite having diabetes, but because of it. 

I live this way. So do many others. After interviewing more than 150 people with diabetes, many have told me stories of transforming their lives and finding greater health and happiness after their diagnosis. Using the hidden gem in diabetes, being called to eat well, stay active, and decide what is truly important in life, many have used diabetes to create monumental achievements in their lives, and inspire others.  And so can you.

Granted, you didn't ask for diabetes. You'd give it away in a moment. But, you have it. Now it's up to you to work with it to create your best life. And you can.

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