A few years ago there was a buzzword in the field of positive psychology, "flourishing." Now it's an accepted alternative way of looking at mental health; looking at what you have and how to move forward, rather than looking at the problems you have and how they're keeping you stuck. The act of flourishing is also now supported by numerous scientific studies and evidence.

Flourishing is, for the most part, living a full and satisfying life where you are generally happy, productive and at peace. A flourishing life is one in which you are more able to bounce back from setbacks, more confident, flexible, open, socially connected, emotionally resilient, able to see possibilities, and physically healthier.

I'm proposing that you can live a life in which you are flourishing, even with diabetes. In fact, because of diabetes; that diabetes can be a catalyst for creating a flourishing life. 

It takes a few basics:

1. Understanding what diabetes is, how it works and how to work with it

2. Having enough emotional strength and stamina to ride the ups and downs of diabetes

3. Knowing what steps to take to be, and to keep yourself, healthy

4. Designing a path to have all these things

You can live a life in which you flourish, and where diabetes is, as my friend once said, "just a comma in life. "I love my life, and I have diabetes."