YOU are in control of your diabetes. Take small steps to stay positive.

Aim For Better, Not Perfect!

Aim For Better, Not Perfect!

In my book, "Diabetes Do's & How-To's," I give eight Attitude Do's - and lots of How-To's - to keep positive working with your diabetes. One is Aim for better, not perfect

This Winter's edition of Diabetic Living magazine captured those Do's and How-To's so you've many tips at your fingertips. 

As I write in my book, 

“When I was finishing this book, I was on a flight and I sat next to a young man whose T-shirt captivated me. It said: ‘Tomorrow’s battle is won during today’s practice,’ I can’t think of a better way to say that every step we take now benefits us for years to come.”

Here's 1 Attitude Do to get you started - "Check your blood glucose, but don't keep score." And 1 How-To to do it,  "Keep your expectations realistic, and don't beat yourself up. No matter what you do you want always get the numbers you expect. That's diabetes."

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