My books are a resource to help support you on the path of flourishing with diabetes.  To live well with diabetes you need to know: The simple action steps to take to create your best health (Diabetes Do's & How-To's). What diabetes is and how to work with it (50 Diabetes Myths That Can Ruin Your Life ). How to be emotionally strong, bounce back when times are tough and keep on keepin' on (The ABC's Of Loving Yourself With Diabetes). 

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Diabetes Do's & How-To's
By Riva Greenberg

Think taking care of your diabetes is confusing? You're not alone.

Here's the book that will get you through, and keep you, healthy. Diabetes Do's & How-To's is the quintessential "owner's manual" for those with diabetes and pre-diabetes. You'll learn small, yet powerful steps to live healthfully with diabetes -- and how to take them. This book isn't about diabetes, it's an instruction manual for - simply and quickly - creating your best health. 

There are recommendations from top diabetes experts, personal "How-To's" from fellow patients, my own Do's and How-To's after living successfully with diabetes 40 years, and Worksheets to help you get started - and keep going. To download the Quick-Start "Do" Sheet from the book click here. Also included, a section for health care providers to help you work even more effectively with patients.


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Addressing such myths as "I have to give up foods I love," “Insulin shots are painful,” "If I need insulin, it's the beginning of the end" and “Type 2 diabetes is not as serious as type 1," 50 Diabetes Myths that Can Ruin Your Life puts the power of life-changing truths into your hands to better manage your diabetes. A fun read and easy to digest.

"An extremely readable one-stop information spot for diabetes management, written by a patient-expert with the support of a huge team of contributing experts."                                          Library Journal

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This keep-by-your-beside book shares stories of 24  women living successfully, joyfully, learnedly with diabetes, including my story. 

There is much to take away from these both wise and ordinary women to help you grow and flourish. You will see yourself and maybe for the first time find yourself. Most of all, you will know that you are not alone.

Excerpt:  "…but just as my current work in diabetes wouldn’t give you a clue about my early social awkwardness, how I manage my diabetes today doesn’t reveal my far-from-stellar beginning...You might imagine I left the hospital (after my diagnosis) depressed. I didn’t. Rather, I left and headed to two places at the same time - back to school to resume my freshman year of college and straight into denial.

So here’s my story since that fateful day hearing I had a debilitating disease I would live with the rest of my life. Here are some of my defining moments, some funny, some awkward, but all pieces along the path from which has emerged a 58 year-old woman who’s in great shape, accomplished and pretty much loving her life." 

"If your diabetes has you frazzled and you feel as if you've lost touch with your inner resources, this little book will help you find your strength again. In a series of small focused lessons, Riva Greenberg brings you the inspiration and practical insights she's gleaned from 40 years of living with diabetes. Each little lesson makes you stronger, until by the end of the book you feel calm, powerful, and yes, even happy.

This book is meant to be read and re-read whenever you feel yourself slipping into difficulty or sadness. The ultimate lesson? You can live brilliantly with diabetes. This little book will gently guide you to that place."

Linda von Wartburg, former Managing Editor, Diabetes Health magazine

"Este libro hacia mucha falta. Llena un vacio en el tema de motivación, inspiración y auto cuidado. Viene lleno de maravillosos consejos de una persona que ha logrado vivir saludable y exitosamente con diabetes."

Amparo Gonzalez, RN, BSN, CDE, Presidenta anterior de la Asociación Americana de Educadores sobre la Diabetes

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