If I have a mantra it's, "You can have a great life, not despite, but because of diabetes." It's true in my own life and I've interviewed more than a hundred people who live with diabetes and a great majority agree. The truth is, until there is a cure, you have a choice - how will you live with diabetes and what attitude will you adopt?

In my book, choosing to feel a victim is a weakened position. Diabetes will own you. But choosing to find some good in it and using diabetes to become healthier, fitter, be more compassionate and create a vibrant, meaningful and purposeful life is a powerful position. 

With that, I reject the idea that all we can do is "cope" with diabetes; the oft used lexicon for the emotional aspect of living with a chronic condition. We can do much more than cope, we can flourish. That knowledge, and how, is what I am bringing to the psycho-social side of diabetes. And you can be sure, a healthier, more positive attitude, also benefits better management and clinical outcomes. 

Below are several articles I've written about the art of flourishing with diabetes.

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