"Ask the Patient" is a series of 7 short (up to six minute) presentations I created to help health care providers work more effectively with their patients with diabetes. These answer the question, "How do I help my patients begin and sustain healthy behaviors?" Tune in to these free, quick programs to find out.   

1. Rapport before report: How to engage your patients and what you'll gain - Patients care what you say when they know that you care.






2. Why patients don't change behavior and what you can do - Do you provide the right Information, check for understanding and skills and reduce patients' fear? Simple steps so frequently forgotten.

3. Three more reasons why patients don't change behavior and what you can do - One of them is you. Prepare to be surprised!

4. Is your patient ready to change? - Recognizing the stages of change-readiness and using effective techniques at each stage.

5. Why fear and threats don't work and what does -  Do you sometimes resort to threats and fear to motivate your patients? What's needed is focusing on what's working and positively inspiring patients to change behavior.

6. Moving patients from pills to injection therapy - Find the specific deterrent and address it. Have patients talk to someone who's made the switch and help patients visualize their desired health outcome.

7. Making time to be healthy - When patients say they have no time to eat right or exercise, chances are its a matter of priorities, not time, that's the obstacle. Learn how to help your patients make the time.